Souleyman Messalti is a French-born independent filmmaker and photographer based in London. He graduated in Multimedia Journalism in 2014 and received a Masters Certificate in Documentary Filmmaking at University of the Arts London in 2015.

His writing, photos and videos have appeared in various publications including: 

  • Channel 4
  • The Guardian
  • The Huffington Post
  • Metro News
  • Lomography
  • Time Out London
  • HUCK Magazine
  • Made in Shoreditch
  • Beware Magazine
  • Washing Machine Magazine


His work focuses on issues aiming to challenge stereotypes, pre-conceived ideas and misconceptions about people in society. 

In 2016, Souleyman directed his first broadcast documentary for Channel 4. The Sisterhood of Strippers is a short film that focuses on a collective of East London strippers working to shift stigma around their job and get better working conditions.

LinkedIn: Souleyman Messalti

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